Lama Abuhassan is a PhD student at Cardiff University at the Welsh School of Architecture, where she combines between Thriller Cinema and Architecture in her research; Phenomenology of Thriller Cinematic Architecture. This conference paper is a testing ground of her theoretical approach of Dread and Terror in Architecture. Lama has completed MFA in Cinematic Arts (2012) and M.Sc. in Architecture (2009), in addition to BA in Architecture (2005).
Lama utilized her architectural background to earn a pioneering role in the Jordanian film industry to become a film producer. Through the past four years, Lama has produced twelve short films; most notably the award winning films "The Last Hour*" and "The Dark Outside**": Lama has worked as a lecturer at the German Jordanian University for two years, where she taught both Film and Architecture, and a lecturer at SAE Institute where she taught film producing. Parallel to her academic experience, Lama has been producing her first feature thriller film "Nymphaeum", and the thriller web series "Wagon 49".